Ranting about new cameras…

So Nikon just released the new Nikon D850 recently. I am a Nikon shooter, and use my D750 on all my photographic expeditions. I, however, won’t be buying this camera, since I don’t really need a new.

Nikon D850
The New D850 – Credit to Moroder on Wikimedia Commons

The use of 45.7 MP is quite debatable. Up into this range, why not just use medium format? The pixel pitch of this new camera is smaller than ever, at pixels per micrometer. This is getting into the territory of DX cameras. The reason that DX is so much worse than FX in terms of pure image quality, is that the pixels are not big enough, and an effect of this is the low relatively-low signal-to-noise ratio. What this means, in layman terms is that noise will be much more prevalent, and pixels that are good won’t be of . If you have ever heard of the term “per-pixel quality” thrown out there, this is what it is referring to.

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