Antelope Canyon and Page, AZ

Sandstone Formations and Weather

I went to Antelope Canyon when I went to the Grand Canyon. It was fairly short in journey from the Grand Canyon to Page, when compared to driving to the Grand Canyon from Phoenix, AZ. It was a bit over 2 hours, as opposed to the 4 getting from the Phoenix Airport to the South Rim. Page is home to the Glen Canyon Dam/Lake Powell, and I got a mediocre picture here during sunrise. It isn’t great in content, but gives you a clue of the geography of the region.Lake Powell, UT.

To go to the Antelope Canyon, which is just outside of town, you must setup a tour with the company that does them, and go with a group. I didn’t go with a special photography tour, and went in the afternoon, so the images here could’ve been better in terms of both quality and content, but since I was here for only 1 day, there was a problem.

I couldn’t bring a tripod, so I was limited to shooting at F/2.8 and at ISO 400, even with a shutter speed of around 1/25. Occasionally, I would have to pump the ISO even higher. My focal length was generally in the 16-24mm range so it was fine for me to shoot at that slow.


These two are just the best I have, since I generally cull out the bad.

Antelope Canyon

My editing process here is quite of the unusual. I pumped up contrast and saturation up very high overall, but especially saturation-emphasized the color channels of red, purple, and magenta. This radical saturation helped give the image tone. Originally, the interior of the canyon was quite dark, and it was necessary for a saturation to boost the definition of the rock patterns. I also used a curves adjustment and used luminosity masks to make sure that the definitions were viewable, and weren’t just dark patches. Burning and dodging was my final adjustment, where I brought down the skies to be seeable, as well as the rock on the outside of the canyon.


The second image here is also quite similar, in both the form of editing and . The only exception here is noise. Due to scaling for the web, it’s not very seeable, but the noise in this image was heavier than the one above, given the very dark areas and mostly purple foreground. I had to use some noise-reduction in the form of a camera RAW filter.


Overall, I think Antelope Canyon is one of my best picture sets (even if there are really only 2). Page, AZ, overall, is a great place for photography.