Sunrise Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Photography

I went to the Grand Canyon a year ago during the wintertime. It was a good experience and provided me with many important photos in my growing portfolio. I flew to Phoenix and drove to the South Rim for a three day trip.

Yaki Point Portrait

The picture above is one of my best that I have taken on this trip, and by far. I don’t post process using Photoshop unethically, and only use contrast, curves, and saturation filters, sometimes using luminosity masks. This truly showed the state of the scene when I was there. The gorgeous pink light hit on the grooves of the canyons.

Grandview Point

The next image is of Grandview Point. Like the image above, I didn’t change the image significantly. I didn’t increase the contrast, but did apply filters. I toned the highlights into purple, and shadows into blue. This helped make sure that there was character to the scene.Sunrise Grand Canyon

My next shot is probably my best. The golden-pink light of the rising sun hit the peaks of the canyons, causing a glow that is epic. This was taken during sunrise, where there are.

This picture is of Yaki Point, where a bus is required for you to get here. It isn’t particularly compelling, but.

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